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Best Skincare Products That Really Work!

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This post is all about the best skin care products that work to help you achieve soft, smooth skin. Seasonal changes, the environment, and our active lifestyles can take their toll, but there is hope! A few days of self-care with the best skin care products that really work will get you sorted out in no time.

Skin Authority Ultra Rich Moisturizer

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For skin that is looking a bit rough around the edges, this rich cream will have your skin feeling buttery soft in no time. This luxurious cream is packed with botanicals, like Aloe, Mango, Cranberry and Shea butter, which help to hydrate, brighten and soften.  Get it here for $52 on Amazon.


InstaNatural Rose Makeup Cleansing Balm

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Those harsh cleansers you’re using to remove your makeup will only make matters worse. Make the switch to this soothing, yummy-smelling makeup cleansing balm and you may never go back. This will dissolve your makeup quickly, but will also hydrate overworked skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.  Get it here for $16 on Amazon. There’s also a .5oz. trial size for only $1.69 and free shipping!


Belli Pure Radiance Tinted Facial Sunscreen, SPF 30

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SPF is essential all year ’round. Mineral sunscreens are the healthiest for the skin (vs. chemical sunscreens), but finding one that is lightweight and doesn’t leave your skin with a white cast is a tall order. I recently fell in love with this one from Belli, which uses Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to protect the skin from the sun, and includes soothing ingredients, like Cucumber, Chamomile and Green Tea. For dry skin, use it underneath your face cream, and it will also serve as a smoothing primer for your makeup. It says it’s tinted but the tint is very sheer and only makes the skin look smoother without adding color.  Get it here for $25 on Amazon.

Belli also has a lovely Eye Brightening Cream, which is super hydrating and helps to brighten the eye area.


The Better Skin Co. Mirakle Cream 


A blend of natural ingredients plus science, this cream will thoroughly soothe sensitive, dehydrated skin and help to promote a more even skin tone, thanks to Wonderlight by Sederma, a French plant-based active ingredient.  To really kick the re-hydration up a notch, pair the cream with the Better Skin Co. Epik C Serum, which is like a refreshing drink of water for the skin. It’s packed with Vitamin C, Green Tea, and Sea Buckthorn to protect and hydrate the skin. Get it here $34 (currently on sale for $13.50!!)


Tree Hut Tahitian Vanilla Bean Shea Sugar Scrub

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Part of the reason why your skin feels so darned dry is that it needs to be exfoliated! Exfoliating the skin will reveal younger, fresher skin beneath that dry, dehydrated outer layer. I love this scrub because the particles are made of sugar, which  thoroughly sloughs the skin. And then there’s the scent, which is heavenly. Get it here for $9 currently on sale for $6.50!).


Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Moisture Cream


I know, this sounds so basic, but let me tell you – it really works. I have terribly dry skin all year ’round, which is exacerbated by all my time outdoors in the summer. And this rich cream just handles it. It’s also available in a jar if you prefer that application. Get it here for $6.


Retrouve Baum Ultime Body Oil 


BUT, if the cream isn’t cutting it and you are willing to invest a bit, this body oil will solve your skin ills. Yes, I know it’s pricey, but I LOVE this product (as I do all the products from this brand from the former owner of Kiehl’s). This newest addition to their collection of luxury skin treatment products contains Vitamin Oils, Squalene, and Avocado Oils, and will leave your skin feeling like silk. I cheat a bit and mix a pump of the oil with the budget-friendly Vaseline Cream and my skin feels amazing, no matter how rough I’ve been on it! Get it here for $195 at


Brandless Green Tea & Aloe Shave Gel 

Shaving your legs with soap can leave your skin feeling dry and taut. Do yourself a favor and shave with proper shaving cream or gel.  I discovered this $5 gel from Brandless and my skin feels sooooo much better. Here’s my referral code for $6 off your first order if you want to check it out!


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