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I have been a regular CBD user for years. Why? Depending on the formulation, it can help to regulate my mood, lull me to sleep, nourish and calm my skin, and soothe my aches and pains.  I read an excellent description recently that, when ingested, CBD helps to level you out, rather than to make you high or low.

What is CBD? If you are not familiar, CBD is an extract from Cannabis, which is found in Hemp plants. There are other Cannabis extracts (or Cannabinoids), like CBN and CBG, that are often combined with CBD to broaden its benefits. You will read about these below.

With CBD Day right around the corner, I set out to test and try a slew of new-to-me CBD products. From refreshing seltzers to soothing salves, I now have many new favorites to add to my CBD arsenal! 

Below, you will find my second installment of a 2-part series. This installment focuses on ingestible CBD products. Click here for my roundup of topical CBD products.

*It’s important to note that all but one of these products contain no THC (or a negligible amount) so they do not have psychoactive effects.


​​Equilibria Rapid Calming Melts ($45)

Good for a CBD newbie, these tiny, mint-flavored tabs have only 5mg of CBD and are made using a patent-pending technology that allows for quick absorption of the benefits of CBD.  Equilibria is a “for-women, by-women functional wellness brand.”

Green Compass Collagen Pouches, Fresh Melon or Unflavored ($111.95, 20% off for members)

These single-serve pouches contain 5mg of nano-advanced CBG and a collagen peptide blend of animal-derived and marine collagen. They can be blended with your beverage of choice, like water or a smoothie. With regular use, this supplement aims to support the skin from the inside out with the calming benefits of CBD.

Susan’s Own Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, Blue Raspberry ($36.99) 

I am a big fan of CBD gummies and the Blue Raspberry flavor and 25mg dose (my dose of choice) make these vegan gummies a go-to. They taste yummy and have no cannabis aftertaste, which is not the case with all CBD gummies.  A sweet treat that makes you feel good!

Lowcountry Gold Vanilla Peach Full Spectrum CBD Oil ($49.99)

Some folks avoid CBD tinctures and oils because frankly, most of them taste like a mouthful of cannabis plants. This flavored CBD oil, which at 750mg per bottle delivers 25mg CBD per dose,  is also available in a Pina Colada flavor, tastes fantastic, making taking it quite pleasant.  If you prefer something even sweeter, I also enjoyed the brand’s pineapple gummies.  Bonus, the packaging with the bamboo cap and green vessel is nice enough to have a spot on the vanity.   

Neurosolution Broad Spectrum CBD ($109 and up)

If you have tried standard CBD tinctures and are looking for enhanced results or want to try a higher dose because you didn’t feel the effects, Neurosolution has a variety of more intense tinctures, including a Broad Spectrum in 7000mg, which the brand recommends for maladies like insomnia, gut issues, pain, and anxiety. There is also a 10,000mg version for moderate to severe symptoms. The tinctures contain CBD from Organic USA grown hemp, organic MCT oil (from coconuts) and peppermint, which can “simulate your bodies CB1 and CB2 receptors and interact with the bodies endocannabinoid system”.

NW Recovery CBD and Melatonin Sleep Formula Softgels ($84.50) 

30-60 minutes before bed, try taking one of these softgels.  The blend of 25mg CBD, 3mg CBN, and 3gm Melatonin will help calm your mind and body so you can fall asleep and stay asleep.  I also really like their Good Night Gummies for sleep. They are the one product on this list that contains more than 0.03% of THC. The 1mg of Delta 9 THC in this product, combined with 30mg CBD, 3mg of CBN & Melatonin, provide a more powerful mix of sleep-enhancing ingredients. This is also the only THC item I tried for this story that I am including because having tried several, I found that products containing THC made me very tired, thereby only good for sleep IMHO.

Black Sheep CBD Meringue Cookies ($12.99 and up)

These tasty meringue drops melt in your mouth while they provide the benefits of CBD and satisfying a sweet tooth with no added cholesterol or fat.  They are light as air and come in resealable pouches so they travel easily. There are lots of yummy flavors to choose from, including Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream, and Cotton Candy.


Apex Labs CBD: Beverage Enhancers ($24.99 and up)

These water-soluble beverage additives are an innovative way to get a dose of CBD and other healthful ingredients. They are virtually taste-free so you can add them to almost any drink, and according to the brand, they have up to 5x the system absorption in half the absorption time of an oil tincture!  Formulations include Regular, which is plain CBD, Sleep, a blend of CBD and sleep-inducing CBN, and Focus, a blend of CBD and energizing CBG.

NW Recovery ENERGIZE CBD Pre-workout Drink ($59.95)

This drink mix contains a blend of 25mg CBD, 75mg of caffeine and essential amino acids, like L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Leucine, making it a perfect way to get a boost before your workout, or any time you feel sluggish or are experiencing joint or muscle aches.  

100 Coconuts Pure + CBD ($35.99 for 12)

I love coconut water so I was very excited to try this.  I was not disappointed! The beverage has that amazing coconut water flavor that I love and there’s no bitter taste of cannabis. Each can contains 20mg of CBD and all the benefits of natural coconut water, including essential electrolytes. 

nuEra RisEau CBD-Infused Seltzers ($12.49 for a 4-pack)

in partnership with Two Brothers Artisan Brewing, nuEra recently launched these flavored seltzers. They contain 20mg of CBD and come in three sophisticated flavors Blood Orange, Hibiscus Berry, and Lime & Ginger.

Day One CBD Sparkling Waters (12 cans for $36. Through August 10, use code BOGONATLCBD to buy one, get one 50 percent off)

These unsweetened sparkling waters come in 3 flavors with the citrus zest of Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime and 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD.  They are a refreshing alternative to cocktails or plain seltzers to be enjoyed any time of the day. 

High Rise Beverage CBD Seltzer ($20 for a 4-pack)

Made in a handful of delicious flavors from fresh juices (and no sugar), including Blackberry and Black Cherry, these refreshing seltzers contain 20mg CBD, but also have the additional benefits of 10mg CBG. If you are not familiar, CBG is another cannabinoid and is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits. 

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