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How to Teach Your Teen About Self Care

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*My daughter received complimentary Invisalign® treatment, due to my collaboration with the brand, but all opinions are my own.

How did your kids grow up so fast? One minute you’re cradling them in your arms and then in the blink of an eye, they’re almost too big to hug. Life can be so all-encompassing that we sometimes forget to pause and teach them what they need to know before they leave the nest – like teen self-care. Self-care is one of those areas that we assume our kids have figured out by the time they’re teens, but don’t be fooled. That kid who can argue like a top attorney can’t necessarily care for themselves!

Life can be so all-encompassing that we sometimes forget to pause and teach them what they need to know before they leave the nest – like teen self-care. #selfcare #howtoselfcare #selfcarepractices #selfcareroutine #teachingteens #momsofteens

Personal Care

Has your teen walked by you with a face of pimples, a cloud of body odor and a dusting of dandruff? If this is your teen, you may have missed a step, but it’s not to late to go back and instill some healthy habits in them. Talk to them about washing their bodies and faces daily and shampooing when necessary. And deodorant. Consider purchasing a few products just for them so they have some ownership. I like Mario Badescu, which has simple, neutral packaging and fantastic acne products and body washes. Another brand I like is C’est Moi, a skin care brand that is designed for delicate tween and teen skin. Try all-natural Schmidt’s Deodorant to keep them smelling fresh.

Teeth Care

invisalign clear aligners kit

It’s not uncommon for a teen to need teeth correction. This journey into orthodontics can be a great way for teens to get into a groove with healthy self-care habits as they care for their orthodontic gear and their teeth. When it comes to choosing a treatment, my recommendation would be Invisalign® clear aligners, which is proven to fix simple and complex teen cases. My daughter is using them, and I am so impressed by how beautiful her teeth look when she smiles and laughs. She loves her new smile (I catch her in the mirror quite a bit!) and really appreciates how fast the treatment is moving along with weekly aligner changes (which is up to her orthodontist). She’s also really into their chic new packaging. She’s definitely the envy of the lunch table!

If you’re interested in exploring the option of Invisalign clear aligners for your teen, learn more at INVISALIGN.COM.

invisalign clear aligners kit

Sleep Care

Because teens are growing so rapidly, and because school starts SO early, quality sleep is crucial. Help them establish habits that encourage good sleep so they can get the rest they need. If they are easily disturbed by noise, give them a white noise machine, like the Coeuspow Sleep therapy Sound Machine from NewEgg, which is under $30 but has all the functionality of a more expensive machine. There are also lots of free, or nearly free, white noise apps but sometimes a machine is a better option for teens because their phone doesn’t need to be nearby. Eye masks are also helpful if their room isn’t completely dark when they’re trying to sleep.

Emotional Care

It’s common for teens to struggle with angst and confusion, and even if your teen shares a lot with you and a good friend or two, there are some things that teens like to keep to themselves. Rather than allowing those thoughts to run races in their minds, a journal can be a healthy outlet. Find one that reflects their personality, or if they are more of a DIY kid, the AmazonBasics Classic Notebooks are perfect for decorating. 

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