4 ways to help teens express their individuality (without breaking the bank!)

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*In my capacity as a journalist providing smart shopping tips, my daughter received complimentary Invisalign® treatment, but the opinion below is my honest assessment and opinion with regard to Invisalign clear aligners.  

Going back to school can be really exciting for teens, but it can also be stressful and emotional. They’ve been back a few weeks, solidifying their social groups and determining “who” they are going to be this year. Part of this process is expressing their individuality and creativity, which can mean putting pressure on parents to buy certain items so kids can “fit in.”

On-trend clothes are a big deal for many kids, but trendy styles often come with a hefty price tag. Teens trends on a budget #teens #braces #teentips #teenhealthtips #teentrends #trends #expressyourself

In hope of helping this issue, here are 4 tips on how your teen can express their individuality: 

1. On-trend style

On-trend clothes are a big deal for many kids, but trendy styles often come with a hefty price tag. Kidbox sends seasonal boxes of 5-7 items based on a simple style quiz that your child completes. They only keep what they want, and the price for the full box is $98, which is far less than what you’d pay at retail. For every box kept, clothing is donated to a child in need! Once kids age out of this option, they can try boxes from companies like consignment site, ThredUp, which offers boxes of hand-selected, gently used clothing for adult sizes.

2. Teeth correction

Finding out that teeth correction is in their future can be stressful for your teen. We all know about metal braces, which I had as a kid, but one comparably priced alternative to consider is Invisalign® clear aligners. My daughter has been in Invisalign treatment for six months now and it’s been really nice to see how quickly the process has moved along. Her teeth already look fantastic! I also appreciate that she can participate in her dance classes and play sports at school without worrying about emergency visits due to broken brackets and wires. She can eat her favorite foods, like pasta, falafel and quesadillas, without worrying about food getting stuck. Most importantly, she can still smile and look like her cute self. I also love this treatment because it can fix so many issues associated with teen teeth.

If it’s something you’re considering for your teen, Invisalign.com has a great tool on its site that can show you all of the best orthodontists and dentists in your area. This is great, since it ensures you are talking with an experienced doctor about your teen’s treatment.

3. A room of their own

A teen’s room is their private space but it’s also a place where they can entertain friends. This space should speak to who they are, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on personalization – or allow for holes in the walls! Kassa, an art supply company, makes a variety of affordable adhesive wall coverings, like chalkboard and whiteboard, that kids can cut to size, adhere to the wall and decorate with colorful markers. When your teen changes their mind, the coverings can be relocated or discarded with no residue left behind. 

4. DIY hair color

Both boys and girls around the country are sporting streaks of colored hair, but getting this done at the salon costs a pretty penny. By coloring their hair at home with brands like Splat Hair Color, which you can purchase at the drugstore, you can save a fortune. They have hair chalk, and semi-permanent gel color that can be rinsed out in 1-day, 10-days or 30-days!