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Typically, you have no use for your kid’s belongings. But there are products out there that can benefit both of you and lead to shared fun. I found nine such items that you’re going to love because they all help your child in some way. On the flip side, your kid will enjoy them because, truth be told, these products are just that awesome!

Teach Me Time Talking Bedside Alarm Clock ($35.92) at Amazon

Teach Me Time Talking Bedside Alarm Clock

Why parents need it: It will turn green when it’s time for your child to get out of bed, and it will also encourage them to learn to tell time!

Why kids will love it: It has a soothing night-light for kids who are scared of the dark, and it has interactive games!

Savings tip: This clock will last your children from age 3 to when they leave the house. Plus, Target is offering 15% off with the code FALL15.


Modify Watches ($20–$75) at Kohl’s

Modify Watches

Why parents need it: Kids will be motivated to learn to tell time when they wear one of these stylish, splash-proof watches.

Why kids will love it: The watches feature polka dots, animal prints and tons of colors in interchangeable straps and faces—what’s not to like?

Savings tip: Not only are these watches interchangeable, but they will last for years as your kid grows. Right now, you can buy one, and get a second for half off.


Plae (49.95 and up) at GoPlae

Plae Shoes

Why parents need it: The Velcro straps on these eco-friendly shoes eliminate the (major) delays that laces can cause.

Why kids will love it: There are colors and styles for every kid, and children can put them on themselves. No grown-up help needed!

Savings tip: New customers save 10% off their first order. And interchangeable straps ($4.95 a pair) ensure that kids won’t get bored and demand another pair of shoes.


Para’Kito ($16.49) at Lucky Vitamin


Why parents need it: This waterproof wristband holds a pellet filled with natural oils to keep your kids bug-bite-free for 15 days in a row.

Why kids will love it: It’s a stylish bracelet that they’ll love wearing, and they won’t have to submit to being sprayed down with bug repellent.

Savings tip: The wristbands are refillable, so you only buy the band once. Also, the bands are normally $19.50 and are currently on sale.


Luca Lashes (free to $1.99) at Luca Lashes

Luca Lashes

Why parents need it: The books, which are available on numerous smart devices, encourage kids to read while helping them through tough or challenging life moments, such as the first trip to the dentist, first airplane ride and even visiting a parent in the hospital. The stories even offer tips for parents to help their kids through life’s scarier moments.

Why kids will love it: The interactive books are visual and engaging.

Savings tip: These excellent books are either free or $1.99!


GreenPaxx Universal Cup Lid ($10.95) at Amazon

GreenPaxx Universal Cup Lid

Why parents need it: These colorful silicone lids ensure no spills around the house. You can use them, too—they’re very handy for keeping bugs out of your drink when you’re sitting on the patio!

Why kids will love it: Kids will appreciate that they’re not using a baby cup, and they’ll totally dig the rubbery feel of the lid. Add the straws for even more fun!

Savings tip: No need to purchase a special cup for kids to use at home. Make any cup a spill-free cup!


FunBites ($16.95 for 2) at Amazon


Why parents need it: These food cutters slice foods into shapes that even the fussiest kids won’t be able to refuse.

Why kids will love it: Eating will never be boring again!

Savings tip: Kids will love it so much that you’ll toss much less uneaten food in the garbage. Save $10 off your first order of $35 or more with Jet.


BubbleBum Junkie Car Organizer ($39.99) at Amazon

BubbleBum Junkie Car Organizer

Why parents need it: This car organizer will keep everything in its place. From travel bingo to snacks, all of that backseat clutter will stay in order.

Why kids will love it: They’ll never be without their favorite car toys again. There’s even a place for an iPad, so kids can Minecraft their way through every road trip (if you let them).

Savings tip: Get 10% off $75 or more. Unlike fabric car organizers, which are fairly flimsy, this organizer will stand up to countless beatings. Basically, you will never need to buy another organizer.


Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist in Citrus Burst ($10) at Amazon

Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist in Citrus Burst

Why parents need it: Big kids often don’t wipe thoroughly enough, but they think they’re too grown up to use wipes.

Why kids will love it: It smells great, it’s easy to use, and it doesn’t feel as if it’s for babies.

Savings tip: One pump on a wad of toilet paper is all you need. The bottle will last for ages, and toilet paper ismuch cheaper than wipes.

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