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This post is sponsored by Hair Biology. All opinions are my own.

Does your hair get dry and dull in the winter?  The winter weather can be tough on our hair, especially if your hair is silver and curly, like mine.

To prevent hair that looks and feels like a Brillo pad, I do several things:

I wash my hair infrequently (about every five days) and when I do, I use the Hair Biology Silver & Glowing Shampoo & Silver & Glowing Conditioner. The Shampoo keeps my hair bright and beautiful by removing dulling residue while thoroughly cleansing my scalp without causing dryness.  The Conditioner provides natural UV protection to prevent my hair from yellowing and it’s infused with Biotin, which helps support strong, healthy hair growth.  They are generously sized and under $10 each at Walmart!

I also deep condition my hair at least once a week. I shampoo and then leave it on in the shower while I wash up, or I just leave it on all day. Because I have so much hair, I can use a deep conditioner as a leave-in grooming aid and wear my hair in a slicked-back style.

My hair is pretty curly and if I’m wearing it loose, I like to stretch the curls out a bit with a blow dryer. I try to let the hair dry as much as possible before adding heat, which allows the natural curl pattern to find its way and minimizes heat time. Using a microfiber towel first speeds up that process.  When I blow dry my hair, I use a diffuser, which helps prevent frizziness.

I like to wear my hair in different styles, but I always use gentle hair styling accessories, like velvet crunchies or tiny hair combs, both of which hold my hair really well without damage. 

I also sleep in a satin-lined sleeping cap.  I admit that I avoided this step for a very long time. Friends, and even my teenage daughter, use them and chastised me for not doing so. I knew that wearing my hair pulled back when I sleep could cause breakage, but I could not come to terms with sleeping in anything that looked like a poofy beret or shower cap. Thankfully, I found one that is more like a slouchy beanie, which I much prefer.

Have any winter hair hacks? Let me know in the comments!

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