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CBD is one of my favorite natural remedies. In case you’re not familiar, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant. While Marijuana is from the very same plant, CBD products contain little-to-no THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that makes you feel loopy.  

CBD and its sister extracts, like CBN and CBG, have been a topic of conversation these days largely due to the legalization of marijuana in several states combined with an influx of new studies about their benefits, which include reducing anxiety, redness, and muscle soreness, while also helping with sleep.

I’ve written about CBD products before, but I wanted to start from scratch and find all new and innovative options to share with you. I’ve been tasting and testing for the past few months and am delighted to share my findings!


Aurora Elixirs ($16 for 4) 

A refreshing beverage to drink any time, these sparkling, lightly-sweetened CBD-infused drinks come in four sophisticated flavors; Rosemary Grapefruit, Blackcurrant Spruce, Lavender Orange, and Cayenne Citron, each containing 25mg of broad-spectrum hemp CBD. Drink them on their own or as a mixer.


cbdMD Drink Mix ($12.49/10 pack)

A 2022 Product of the Year ( winner, these fruit-flavored CBD-infused drink mixes make for a tasty beverage when blended with cold or hot water. Available in Peach, Kiwi Strawberry, Lemonade, and Fruit Punch, each packet contains 25mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract and up to 29mg of Vitamin C. I tried the Peach and the Lemonade and they are both delicious.


Extract Labs x Bearded Man CBD Coffee ($30-$38)

A unique and delicious way to enjoy your morning Joe, these coffees are available in different strengths and in compostable pods or whole bean options with about a 20mg dose of CBD per serving.  Some CBD-infused coffees I’ve tried taste bitter, but these do not. 


​​Hemp Division Soba Tea ($40 for a 10oz. 1000mg CBD bag)

This yummy, gluten-free loose tea has become a favorite in my house. Soba is Japanese buckwheat that makes for a very hearty tea with the relaxing effects of CBD (about 20mg CBD per serving). I drink it plain, while my husband adds sugar and a dash of oat milk. We also like Hemp Division’s Focus CBD Tea and their CBD seltzers.  


Her Highness CBD Manage-Mints ($24)

I love a 2-in-1 product and these mints, which come in a cute gold tin, have 10mg of CBD plus breath-freshening ingredients. Great for grabbing fresh breath and a little chillout on the go. 


CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Dark Chocolate Bar (regularly $35, now $25)

Indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy the benefits of CBD at the same time! This yummy, 72 percent cacao vegan chocolate bar has 30mg of CBD per piece, which means that one piece is probably all you need to take the edge off. 


Black Dahlia CBD Sea Salt Caramel Bon Bons ($60 for a pack of seven) 

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, each of these rich chocolate bonbons contains 20mg of nano CBD-rich hemp oil, and they are decadent enough to be served to guests after a lovely meal. The bonbons contain browned butter caramel ganache and are topped with gold leaf.


Black Sheep CBD Meringue Cookies ($7.50 per bag)

These yummy, melt-in-your-mouth meringues are available in 9 different flavors, including Strawberry (which I tested), Mint Chocolate, Cappuccino, and others. Each pouch contains 50mg of CBD and you’re meant to eat about ½ the bag at a time, making them a perfect afternoon or evening snack. From April 15-30, Buy 2 Get 1 Free. 


Red Belly Honey Snap Packs ($15.49 for 5) 

Honey-lovers rejoice! According to the brand, this is the only raw, full-spectrum CBD hemp honey that is infused by bees. The CBD honey is made when free-range bees pass CBD and other terpenes from hemp plants onto regular honey, which increases the bioavailability of the CBD and terpenes. These snap packs are handy for on-the-go (straight or in tea), and the honey is also available in jars. The reported milligrams of CBD per serving is closer to 2mg, but according to the brand, the increased bioavailability means that you need fewer mg of CBD to enjoy its benefits.



Highline Wellness Energy Oil ($40)

This tincture contains premium hemp extract including CBD and green tea to increase energy and mental clarity.  Unlike many tinctures, it actually has a pleasant, mildly fruity taste and I find that it helps me think more clearly on those days when a regular cup of coffee isn’t doing the trick.


Muscle MX Relax Drops ($79.99) 

If you have trouble feeling calm, especially right before bed, this daily tincture helps to promote a positive and relaxed state of mind while also encouraging a good night’s rest. It has a mildly sweet, dessert-like taste, and it’s a blend of Ashwagandha and broad-spectrum CBD and CBN; an ingredient combo that I find very helpful on nights when I’m feeling restless. I also really like their CBD Balms for sore muscles.


MDcalm Softgels ($14.95 and up)

These softgels can be very effective for combating anxiety in stressful situations. They contain full-spectrum hemp with adaptogens, botanicals, and magnesium L-threonate. I took one before a dental appointment and despite some unexpected news about dental work I had to have done, I remained surprisingly calm and sailed through the cleaning and X-rays.



Balans Labs CBD-Infused Night Cream ($28.49)

This hydrating night cream contains many good-for-you ingredients, including coconut fruit extract, sea buckthorn, hyaluronic acid, CBD, and Phytocannabinoids to nourish, condition, and soothe the skin. My skin is normal to dry and I’ve found that it’s a nice day cream as well. I also love that it comes in a convenient pump bottle instead of a jar. This brand is available at CVS and they also have a face serum that I’ve enjoyed using.


BISA Vital Hydrating Oil ($52)

This ultra-moisturizing oil is a blend of apricot, sweet almond, marula oil, and full-spectrum CBD. It smells absolutely incredible – like a fine spa – and it can be used to soften the skin on the face and body.


ColorUp Mushroom Madness Hydrating Masque ($19) 

ColorUp is one of the first CBD brands I ever tried and I love their products. This new mask is made in-house in Denver, Colorado, and is a blend of cacao, 7 types of mushrooms, CBD, and more.  I find it to be cleansing and hydrating, leaving me with soft skin after use. It’s also easy to apply and remove.  I have also enjoyed their CBD-infused aluminum-free deodorant and their Vitamin C Serum.


Rya Organics Hydrating Facial Mist ($48) 

I keep this mist on my desk and my skin always looks refreshed after I use it – it even works over makeup.  The mist is formulated to brighten and soothe the skin with peptides, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich adaptogens, and of course, CBD. The natural fragrance of cucumber, chamomile, and rose is a delightful pick-me-up. 


Figaro Apothecary Botanical Face Serum ($135)

This luxurious, rich, anti-aging serum hydrates and nourishes the skin with powerful organic botanical oils, like rosehip, pomegranate, evening primrose, fig, vitamin E, and their proprietary CBD  and Cannacomplex™. I like to massage it into my skin at night with a gua sha or face roller.


Aforé™ by Dr. Few The CBD Effusive ($79)

This is the first face mist to combine water-soluble CBD with plant extracts and antioxidants, like green tea, vitamin C, and witch hazel, according to the brand. I enjoy using it each morning to treat, protect, and refresh my skin. The brand also has a really lovely CBD face cream.



VRB Labs MOAB Bath Bomb ($35.99 for 3) 

Named the “mother of all bath bombs”, this fragrant jumbo bath bomb is packed with Epsom salts, lavender, peppermint, and broad-spectrum CBD, to soothe aching joints and relax the mind as you bathe.  


Melach 33 Luxe CBD Body Butter ($74)

If you struggle with dry skin, this body butter will soften you up in no time. It’s a rich blend of Dead Sea minerals, antioxidants, shea butter, and 1000mg of broad-spectrum CBD, so it nourishes the skin while helping to soothe any soreness and inflammation. I struggle with dry skin and this is one of the best body butters I’ve tried. 

Vital Tonics THE SCENT n.01 ($62)

Who said that applying moisturizer couldn’t be fun? This candle sets the mood and melts into an oil that you can massage onto your (or someone else’s) skin. The alluringly-scented Scent n.01 candle is a blend of coconut and apricot waxes, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil and Sweet Almond oil, and of course, relaxing CBD.  The vessel is beautiful and reusable.

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