7 Bug Repellents You’ll Be Glad You Bought

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You want to spend your free time outdoors, but the sun and critters such as ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies have you running for the house. Defense against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays is essential to preserve the health of your skin, but you also need to ward off bugs. Not only are their bites and stings a nuisance, but some, such as those from ticks and mosquitoes, can carry potentially debilitating diseases such as Lyme disease and the West Nile virus. Read on for my favorite bug repellents:


Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellent

bug spray

This DEET-free, environmentally-friendly bug spray is made with six natural essential oils to repel bugs without irritating sensitive skin.

Get it here for $7 on Amazon.


Natrapel Aerosol Eco Spray

bug spray

If you plan to spend extended time in an area with a heavy tick population, bring out the big guns. This powerful formulation will repel ticks for up to 12 hours and contains 20 percent picaridin, which is known to be more effective than DEET and is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for repelling ticks.

Get it here for $6.99 on Amazon.


Fairy Tales Hair Care Bug Bandit

Kids can be particular. If your child can’t bear the smell of other repellents, give this one a shot. Thanks to a combination of natural ingredients, such as lemon, eucalyptus, and soybean oils, it has a unique smell. And it promises to ward off everything from biting flies and mosquitoes to ticks and even fleas, which can be plentiful in the summer.

Get it here for $13.95 on Amazon.


Para’Kito Roll-on Gel

For an alternative to a cloud of spray repellent, this gel roll-on can be applied sparingly. It masks your scent to mosquitoes, making it difficult for them to find you. The concentrated formula comes with its own lanyard for easy portability.

Get it here for $17.06 on Amazon.


Bulbhead ZappLight

This combination LED and blue ultraviolet lightbulb lures flying insects and zaps them on a metal grid. It’s good indoors or outdoors, and you can use it as a combination light source and zapper or just as a zapper.

Get it here for $8.99 on Amazon.



This device traps bugs using a UV fluorescent bulb, a titanium dioxide-coated surface that generates carbon dioxide and a vacuum fan. If enjoying your backyard or porch has become impossible due to flying insects, this can dramatically improve your experience. This particular model covers 1/4 acre. There are other models that cover smaller or larger areas.

Get it here for $50.98 on Amazon.


Bugband Wristband Insect Repellent

These kid-safe wristbands offer excellent protection, especially for people who prefer not to douse themselves with repellent.  Reusable up to 120 hours.

Get it here for $3.99 at Target.

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