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11 Best Area Rugs Under $150

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When it comes to updating your space, few home decor items tie a room together like a great area rug. Picking the best rug for a room comes down to more than just the color or pattern. Consider a rug’s dimensions, pile (the height of the fibers), and materials. High traffic areas need a rug made from durable materials to withstand wear and tear, whereas dining rooms need an easy-to-clean material for potential spills. Bedroom and living room rugs can be made from almost any material because they’re less susceptible to heavy wear.

Not surprisingly, a key element for me in choosing the best area rugs is price. If you’re in my camp, lucky you! I’ve rounded up 12 of the most affordable, yet stylish, rugs online. Happy shopping!

1. This Moroccan-style area rug from Amazon.

This effortlessly stylish rug comes in eight colors and 14 sizes.


2. This cozy shag rug from Amazon.

This easy-to-clean rug is soft to the touch and comes in 23 colors and 26 sizes.


3. This sun-bleached Persian-style rug from Amazon.

This lowkey rug is perfect for virtually any room and has the Amazon reviews to back it up.

Available in neutral cream in a 5’ x 7’ size.


4. This jewel-toned rug from Target.

This medium-pile, handwoven rug is sure to invigorate any room and comes in 7 different sizes.


5. This contemporary accent rug from Amazon.

This rug will make your floor look like a work of art. You can get it in two colors and 12 sizes.


6. This rustic rug from Amazon.

Eye-catching medallion patterns adorn this Persian textiles-inspired rug, which comes in five sizes and two colors.


7. This colorful runner rug from Amazon.

This inviting rug features an intricate tribal design. You can get it in three colors and 12 sizes.


8. This neutral-alternative rug from Amazon.

This rug’s weathered style will add a vintage feel to any room. You can pick from five colors and 29 sizes.


9. This sea-inspired gradient rug from Amazon.

This mesmerizing rug comes in 15 sizes.


10. This bright, bohemian-style rug from Amazon.

The hand-braided rug adds a fun touch to any room – including ones with high traffic. Comes in a 3′ x 5′ size.


11. This earthy rug from Target.

This handwoven jute-and-wool rug is easy to clean and has a down-to-earth vibe. Available in 8 sizes.


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