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Beauty Secrets: Tammie Umbel

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Beauty Secrets: Tammie Umbel

This week’s muse is beauty entrepreneur, Tammie Umbel. Tammie is the founder of the wonderful skincare brand, Shea Terra Organics, and has been helping native Africans to preserve their wildlife habitats by sharing their indigenous, healing ingredients with her customers. Not only do Shea Terra Organics’ premium skin care treatments assist in preservation, they are also the backbone of economic sustainability for many hardworking families across the continent. Tammie lives with her 14 home-educated children and husband on an organic farm in Virginia.

Water really does do the skin good. While traveling I can see a huge difference in my skin when I don’t consume enough.

Water really does do the skin good. While traveling I can see a huge difference in my skin when I don’t consume enough.

Here are Tammie’s beauty secrets:

  1. “I can not over emphasize the importance of relaxation, and this is my primary secret to looking my best. No matter what I use on my skin I simply don’t look good without solid sleep throughout the night and a low stress level. Anytime I am under stress it shows. My face wrinkles. My eyes look puffy. If I sleep with a child (very common throughout raising 14 kids) I don’t sleep well at night, and it shows. When I am well rested and happy my skin looks flawless and I literally look ten years younger. This requires I move kids out of the bed and try to maintain a positive mindset through tough family times and during driving.

2. I focus a lot on the quality of my skin to make me look beautiful. I don’t cover up my skin with foundation products, so having really clear, glowing skin is most important to me. One of my favorites secrets is the Rose Hips Black Soap Facial Washa life-altering wash that I created about 15 years ago. The main ingredient in the wash is Yoruban black soap, which is made from plant ash. I source this from a village in Nigeria, and it literally dissolves the sebum of the skin which holds dead skin onto the face. I use it as a mask and as I wash it off,  I lightly rub away the dead skin. The result is wrinkle-free skin that is pink and youthful looking.

3. I am not a fan of makeup. My beauty theory is that women should lightly accentuate some of their features. On the occasions when I have to be in front of a camera, my plain face looks dull – probably more to a lack of sleep than anything else – so I take my finger and smudge on a bit of Egyptian Kohl under my bottom eyelid for a smokey look. This is a little trick to make me “pop”, and it gives me a sultry look without overdoing it.



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