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This week’s muse is Sabina Hitchen. I like to think of her as a champion for entrepreneurs everywhere with a big dose of sunshine. She has boundless energy and great ideas!

Sabina is a former high school teacher turned New York City public relations agency owner who now runs Sabina Knows and the online education platform Press for Success, where she teaches entrepreneurs and small biz owners how to get publicity successfully, strategically, and confidently.  She is also a lover of all things small business-made and curates them in her Small Biz Big Idea series.  She speaks regularly on entrepreneurship, public relations, and being courageous in your “Discomfort Zone”.


Here are Sabina’s beauty secrets:
“I’m not going to lie, it took me decades to “get into” beauty and the products, tips, and tricks that go with them.  I’m the girl who brushed out her perm in junior high and relied on soap, water, and drugstore makeup until probably halfway through college.  I just didn’t care – or didn’t think I didn’t – until I realized that it wasn’t some sort of vain obsession, it was self-care, and it was also fun to discover new beauty finds and fixes that truly do work.


When my mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago (she’s since beat it, hooray!) my new-ish love of beauty products evolved into a love of discovering brands that made their products as safely and organically as possible.


Here is my current list of favorites:


  1. Get yourself right from the inside out.

You can layer on the foundation and mascara but if you aren’t rested, hydrated, and happy you aren’t going to glow.

 I drink water all day long – and have a big water, reusable water bottle on me at all times to be sure I don’t forget.  I also meditate – I’m a fan of the 21 Day Meditations at the Chopra Meditation Center – if you’re a newbie or a regular at meditating I’d definitely check it out.  They’re all no more than 20 minutes and they will instantly renew your mind and spirit.  The glow follows.


2. I am obsessed with the Bite Beauty lipsticks, let’s discuss: First of all their packaging and product design are amazing, but they’re also food-grade organic and include 12 edible oils within them to soften and hydrate your lips – you could honestly eat this stuff and you avoid “dry lipstick lips”! They feel good, they look good, and you’re not rubbing chemicals all over your lips.  My favorite colors (they have 34!) right now are Radish, Ginger Snap, and Sour Cherry.


3. One of my every day nonnegotiables is a hot shower that is not rushed. I hate feeling anxious and tense when I’m in the shower – it’s my happy, uninterrupted, disconnected places.  To make it even more relaxing I’ve been using Jason Natural Body Wash in Rosewater. You must get this – it’s inexpensive, natural, and smells divine! I’ve sent it to my mom and my sister because I want everyone to use it!


4. Because I love anything that smells amazing while healing my skin, I’ve been using Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil for a couple of years now. I swear I can see a difference when I leave it out of my nighttime routine.”

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