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This week’s muse is entrepreneur Poppy King. Poppy launched an eponymous first lipstick brand when she was 18(!). She couldn’t find the 1940’s style matte lipsticks she was looking for to go with her vintage style so she went ahead and made them herself. I remember hearing about her and being in awe of her gumption. When we met in the late 90’s, she was everything I imagined she would be; a wonderful blend of elegance, style, beauty and sweetness. Over 2 decades later, she is still designing, ideating, creating and loving lipstick. Lipstick Queen, which is her brand today, is her homage to a lifetime love affair with lipsticks.


Here are Poppy’s beauty secrets:

  1. “I see my friends. My friendships are a thing of beauty to me.

2. I meditate for 20-30 minutes every morning. This really allows me to not just hear, but listen and make myself believe the positive wishes that I have heard from others. For me, it’s easier to listen to another person rather than to myself, so I pretend someone else is telling me what I need to hear for the day.

3. I drink bone broth that I get in boxes from the soup aisle at Whole Foods. I add a little fresh coriander to it and it’s delicious and incredibly soothing. I take a flask to work and just drink a few small cups a day. It has changed my entire life, energy and nutrition and it’s amazing what it has done for my skin!!

I wear red lipstick, which changes my mindset into superhero mode.

4. Red Sinner from Lipstick Queen is my all time favorite go-to because it is a classic red that doesn’t veer orange or pink but stays true red. I use it the way most women use chapstick – straight from the tube – whether I’m wearing a dress, jeans, pajamas (only joking on the pajamas!)… the Shea Butter in it stops it from drying my lips and the dense pigment gives it a va va voom but in a modern way!”




Lipstick Queen_Sinner_Red 2

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