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This week’s muse is lifestyle expert and editor, Pamela Pekerman. Pamela’s mantra is#AlwaysBeYourBestYou and you can see her on morning shows across the country sharing double-duty beauty finds or clever kitchen gadgets for the semi-lazy. Pamela is committed to two causes: making sure every woman finds time for Meaningful Me Moments (i.e. sometimes mama just needs to be in her zen zone) and serving as a board member for the Vasculitis Foundation, bringing awareness to, and supporting research of, vasculitis disease.You can find her nuggets of wisdom on her fabulous blog, Pieces of Pam.

Drinking tea is one way I create Meaningful Me Moments on a daily basis.

Here are Pamela’s beauty secrets:

1)     “Washing my face at night is essential for maintaining a youthful glow, but it’s also a soothing way to wind down before bedtime. I’ve finally narrowed down my cleansing routine to: washing Vita Coco Coconut Oil, then a second wash with Erno Laszlo’s Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar.

2)     Sunday from around 4-8pm I will get nanny help so that I can take a long bath, away from work, my toddlers, and the noise of the world. I read in the tub or spend extra time doing my hair. The point is that I’m not being pulling in any direction other than being pulling into my own zen zone. It’s worth EVERY penny.

3)     Tea time is terrific time. Growing up in a Russian home, tea was big. I love tea so much, I have different tea pots for different types (ie white, black, oolong). My favorite black tea is Kusmi’s St. Petersburg. Not surprisingly, this brand’s roots are from Russia, pre-1917. Drinking tea is one way I create Meaningful Me Moments on a daily basis. Two minutes for tea and me time!

4)     I drink lots of real bone broth. Grandma was right, it really is the cure to everything; and, now, working in the beauty world and learning about collagen, which we get from homemade bone broth, I know why it’s so great. Glowing skin, stronger nails, better gut health, it’s literally a bowl away. Don’t buy stock because it’s not giving you that gorgeous goodness. Here’s a link to my 92-year-old-and-still-kicking grandma’s recipe.

5)     Working from home in my makeup. Even when the only person I see is a toddler and the mail man, I feel better when I’m glamed up. Top three essentials include: IT Cosmetics Hero Mascara, Tata Harper Illuminating Eye Crème, and Jing Ai Velvet Shine Lip Jewel in Pink A Boo.



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