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This week’s muse is entrepreneur Marilyn Iacoviello, founder of Slēk Styling Bar (pronounced “sleek”) in South Orange, NJ. Her ongoing frustration with slow, subpar customer service at black hair-focused salons was the impetus for launching Slēk in 2015. Marilyn is driven by a desire to provide customers with great service and to educate them on hair care at home with Slēk Styling Bar products. Her blow dry bar caters to all hair types and provides additional services, such as color, cut, and keratin treatments. I had the opportunity to try it out for myself and loved it!

I believe hair is your best accessory, so I make sure I wear it well.

Here are Marilyn’s beauty secrets:

  1. I am on my feet all day long, so my husband will rub my feet with Slēk Healing Oil when I get home from work. It contains healing sweet almond oil and invigorating peppermint oil, which helps circulation.

2. Stress can put a damper on feeling beautiful and balanced, and everyone handles stress differently…I have two children who both have special needs, a new business and a career as an occupational therapist. My life is very stressful most of the time, but I find balance the most when I keep myself busy and focused. I enjoy making wigs because it’s an activity that requires me to be focused. When I am wig making, I am only thinking about making the perfect wig.

3. Lipstick is a perfect way to add color to your face even if you are not wearing a full face of makeup. I wear Colourpop cosmetics and my every day go-to lip color is Rayezor in matte lipstick and matching lip liner for all-day wear. The matte lipsticks also make my lips look fuller.

4. My biggest self-cheerleading moment happens when I do my hair. I am a wig head and I love the flexibility that wigs enable me to change my look without compromising my hair. Great looking hair makes me feel like I am ready to take over the world. It gives me the confidence that I can handle whatever comes my way.

5. I live a very simple and practical life, so if I find a brand that works for me, I stick to it. For clothing, French Connection never fails me. I love the way the fabrics French Connection uses hug my body in all the right places.


Slek Healing Oil

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