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This week’s muse is Lisa Goldfaden. I have known Lisa since my Three Custom Color Specialists’ days and she looks like she hasn’t aged a day since we met! After receiving a Masters in Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York City, she taught in the private and public school systems in New York City and at the Paley Center for Media. In 2013, Lisa founded skincare brand, GOLDFADEN MD, with her father, Dr. Goldfaden, her brother Robert, and sister-in-law, Lauren. She is happily ensconced as Vice President of Marketing and is a walking billboard for the success of GOLDFADEN MD.

I often joke that I am ‘making the world more beautiful, one face at a time.’

Here are Lisa’s beauty secrets:

  1. Bone Broth + Vitamins: I eat a diet very high in fatty acids and omegas, which I get from salmon and avocados. I try to limit my sugar in-take to as little as possible. I also started drinking bone broth this year and have seen wonderful results. Bone broth is high in Glucosamine, which helps keep joints healthy. Bone broth also helps strengthen the immune system, fight cellulite, and is high in collagen and protein. Indie Fresh makes my favorite bone broth. I also take daily supplements Vitamin C, Vitamin D, a daily multi, a probiotic and a special homeopathic blend of herbs at bedtime.
  1. Exercise: I’m a firm believer that exercise keeps you happy, healthy and young. I try to do something everyday that induces a sweat and endorphins. I mix it up and take classes at Barry’s boot camp, Flywheel (indoor cycling) and Yoga to The People (hot yoga). I truly feel my best after a hard workout. Exercise produces endorphins, which regulate and elevate mood. Exercising also increases circulation, which is not only good for the inside of our bodies but for our skin as well.
  1. Acupuncture: I get regular Acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. Acupuncture balances the chi (energy flow), improves posture, and releases endorphins.
    It’s amazing how clear your head becomes when you have needles stuck all over your body.
  1. Skin + makeup: Being in the skincare industry and having grown up around it, I take very good care of my skin. I exfoliate regularly with GOLDFADEN MD Doctors Scrub Advanced mixed with our Pure Start Cleanser. The result is baby soft skin. I always apply a serum after washing my face and my go to at the moment is our Plant Profusion Supreme Serum. Loaded with plant stem cells, this serum brightens my skin while delivering essential anti-aging ingredients to enhance collagen production. I love body oil, especially after a long day or a long run. I always use Maya Chia The Revitalizer body oil because of the scent and the healing properties of Chia seeds. I generally do not wear much makeup but when I need a pick me up I always put on my favorite red lipstick, Creamy Lips L101 by Ellis Faas.
  1. Blowouts: I have naturally curly hair, which can be temperamental at time. A really good blowout always makes me feel terrific and put together. My favorite blowout is from Dream Dry.

Goldfaden Serum Supreme

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