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Beauty Secrets: Lauren Fix

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Beauty Secrets:  Lauren Fix

This week’s muse is automotive expert, Lauren Fix, a.k.a. The Car Coach. If you’ve learned anything on TV about cars, whether it be technology, repairs or trends, you’ve probably learned it from Lauren, as she is the go-to car expert on The Weather Channel and Inside Edition and numerous other shows. Lauren has also been the National Automotive Correspondent for NewsMaxTV and USA Radio-DayBreak and she pens columns for Parade Magazine, NewsMax, and Car Coach Reports. I checked in with Lauren to learn abou her beauty routine.

I get plenty of sleep because recovery is one thing we all forget.

Here’s are Lauren’s beauty secrets:

  1.  “I suggest moisturizing and cleansing twice a day with organic skin products. I love Natural Image Care. It keeps my skin moisturized and the simple 3-Step Advanced Anti-Aging System process does what it says – keeps me looking younger and removes age spots.
  2. The easiest beauty secret is drink lots of water, at least 60 ounces a day. Your body is mostly water, and hydration is the key to youth and health, the one thing you can’t buy. I also drink a mug of warm lemon water every morning to cleanse my system.
  3. Eating healthy, working out, and sleep are the three pillars to staying healthy. This regimen makes me feel more beautiful, gives me more energy and feel my best.
  4. My favorite lipstick is MAC Midimauve because it goes with everything from jeans to my favorite little black dress.


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