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This week’s muse is my smart shopping comrade, Jody Rohlena. Jody has worked as a magazine editor for the past two decades. We met when she was Deputy Editor at the now (sadly) defunct ShopSmart magazine, a monthly guide to savvy shopping published by Consumer Reports. These days, Jody is Creative Director at Manifest, a creative content agency in NYC.

Many of my best shopping tips—for beauty or anything else—combine my ultimate two goals: finding the best stuff at the best prices.

Here are Jody’s beauty secrets:

  1. “I haven’t bought eyeshadow or moisturizer in years. That’s because I’m a passionate follower of, where you can learn which cosmetics companies and retailers are currently offering a free Gift With Purchase (GWP—get it?!). Clinique’s bags rock, and they always contain eyeshadow and some kind of facial moisturizer. I wait to buy my other staples—Transparency Blended Face Powder, Sculptionary Cheek Countouring Palette in Defining Nectars), and Quickliner in Violet — when there’s a promotion going on so I can score the freebies.


  1. Hydrate! I believe I get my good skin from my mom and the gallons of water I drink every day (no joke!). My new S’well water bottle has changed my life. It claims to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. I went with the large size, partly because I drink a lot of water and partly because I was tickled that part of the the sales clerk’s pitch was to explain that it’s the exact size of a bottle of wine, perfect for taking cold white to a BYOB spot. My S’well was worth every penny of the $45 I spent (I know!), but Target has a new lower-priced line called S’ip by S’well.


  1. I love smooth legs, so I shave them (pretty much) every day. It takes two minutes, tops, because I combine washing and shaving. I lather up one of those shower poufs with a squirt of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap (Peppermint in summer for a cool wake-up blast; Citrus in the winter for a gentle, refreshing eye opener), wash my body first and my legs last. Then I shave while I’m lathered up. Fast, easy, and no stubble!


  1. Easy hair is the only way to go. I have to wash mine every morning or I don’t feel awake. I rely on Paul Mitchell’s gentle Shampoo One and Extra Body Daily Rinse. Most days, I let it air dry, then spritz with Sheer Blonde Hair Spray to give it body and bring out my natural waves. Unfortunately, John Frieda has discontinued it, so I’m hoarding bottles!


  1. I freely admit that I’m addicted to lip gloss. I wear freebie lipstick from my Clinique GWP collections, then gloss over it with Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss—another fabulous product the manufacturer has foolishly discontinued. So now I’m on the hunt for new light, non-sticky, inexpensive gloss. (Suggestions welcome!) When I’m chilling at home or working out, I wear eos Lip Balm. I buy it in bulk at BJ’s or Costco, where it’s much cheaper than individual pots at the drugstores. So I’m always ready to pucker up!”




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