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This week’s Beauty Secrets muse is the award-winning and nationally published commercial photographer, Jill Lotenberg. In addition to helping me look my best in snazzy headshots, she has also photographed everyone from Sandra Lee and New York’s Governor Cuomo to goods from huge corporate clients, like Mattel Toys, Hyundai and Pottery Barn. She was also, not surprisingly, named on Gotham Magazine’s “The List” as one of the best-of-the-best.


To anyone who knows me, It’s no surprise that I’ve loved makeup, since I was 2 years old; sitting on the pot, applying mascara all over my eyes, lids and cheeks, captured by my Mom & Kodak.


Here are Jill’s Beauty secrets:

“I’ll never forget the memory of my aunt prepping me for my first dance school recital. I felt so special as she painted my eyes and taught me to purse my lips for lipstick as my mom pinned my hair into a bun. In that moment, they taught me what it was like to feel glamorous. To this day, Mom & Aunties still provide and guide me with tips and product. Under the stars at my cousin’s wedding, they had me twirling and surrounded with love, commenting on my (false) lashes, makeup application and hair styling; all showering me with big smiles. I truly felt, once again, like that little ballerina.

  1. On shoot days, my face is smushed on my camera, focused on my subjects, leaving no time to re-apply makeup, ever.  My mom & I braved getting permanent eyeliner from a makeup/tattoo artist in Boynton Beach, it was sort of scary, but we just love the results! No smears at all with wiping away my sweat while playing tennis or when drenched in spin class.

2. Still, I love to zhoosh it up way more than just eyeliner, and happily, through the combo of the internet beauty blogger rabbit holes, my eye doctor and much trial and error, I’ve curated my budge-free face. My latest obsession is Cyo Semi-Permanent Eye Liner in “Set In Stone.” It’s a keeper, lasting throughout my day of shutterbugging.

3. For summer flash, I’ll lightly smudge MAC LiquidLast in Naked Bond over my lids; the copper color makes my green eyes sparkle.

4. Squinting through the camera lens and contacts make my eyes so sensitive. My eye doctor recommended that I avoid putting lotion near my eyes and suggested that I check out this list of compatible products where I found L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara and Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow, which have become faves.

5. My grandma once told me to never shave my thighs. Three words: Laser Hair Removal. Obvi, I’m a fan of permanent beauty solutions. It’s pricey, but I’m saving the environment, and money, by not buying razors and shaving cream, and I’m not paying for painful waxing every 3 weeks. I haven’t had an ingrown hair in years. I go to my favorite spot on the Upper West Side for my annual weed-wacking.

6. Skincare line, Valmont, is one of my clients and their facialists at Valmont for the Plaza Athenee Hotel in NYC are as lovely as their creams and masks. Nothing like a facial to slough off my winter scales.”


“When taking photos, most of the time it’s better to smile unless you want to mean-mug or be mysterious.  No “Say Cheese”; it squishes your eyes up.  Saying “YES” like you mean it, or my famous “CABERNET”; like you want a glass!”

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  1. Amy

    Great tips !!! I can relate to shave vs laser hair removal. Worth the pain and mula. What were our grandmothers thinking ? Thank you for this info !

    • Trae

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m a huge laser fan myself.

    • Jill

      Zap away! Glad you enjoyed the tips!