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This week’s muse is beauty visionary, Jami Morse Heidegger. I worked for Jami for several years when she and her husband, Klaus Heidegger, were running the family’s skincare line, Kiehl’s Since 1851. She and Klaus took over the reins from Jami’s father, Aaron Morse, in 1988, subsequently turning Kiehl’s into a cult beauty brand, and ultimately, one of the most iconic skincare brands out there. They sold the brand to L’Oreal in 2000 and the brand continues to dominate the skincare business.

In 2013, Jami and Klaus introduced Retrouvé, an exclusive collection of unisex luxury skincare products that Jami initially developed for their own personal use. The products are fabulous!

Here are Jami’s beauty secrets:

1.”The sooner, the better: Whether it be applying sunscreen, opting for organic food, going to the gym to work out, or using a high-quality skincare product, the sooner you do it, the better you look and feel! It may be impossible to turn back time, but with preventive efforts, one can definitely slow its effects. Retrouvé means “to find again.” It is never too early nor too late in life to take care of one’s skin in earnest in order to try to maintain or to regain the hallmarks of healthy, youthful skin: clarity, radiance, vitality, and firmness. It is always an evolving process as one discovers how to look and feel one’s best at any age. I find joy in taking a moment to reconnect with and to “find again” what we most love, value, and appreciate within ourselves. With Retrouvé, I hope to encourage an enjoyable and mindful approach to rediscovering the age-old ritual of applying moisturizers and caring for one’s skin.‎

Pampering oneself is a positive act for one’s overall well-being, not a process to be frowned upon as being too self-indulgent.

2. Prime the skin: I am a big believer in the benefits of exfoliation. Years ago, a well-respected dermatologist in Beverly Hills suggested that I incorporate Clearasil pads into my daily skincare routine. As I did not have a concern with blemishes, the doctor’s suggestion very much caught me by surprise! He explained that the pads contained salicylic acid, which would help to exfoliate the skin in a way that was less harsh than most manual scrubs. This advice resonated with me, and for some time now, I have been working with my chemist to create a highly-efficacious exfoliating pad to prime the skin for the subsequent application of skincare treatments in a gentle, non-abrasive manner, harnessing the power of advanced skincare technologies and clinically-effective concentrations of potent ingredients. My goal is to create a product that will promote a radiant complexion by gently and naturally exfoliating the dead skin tissue that would otherwise occlude the complexion and interfere with the optimal delivery of the nourishing and hydrating benefits from our collection of moisturizing preparations.

3. From the inside out: Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are important elements of taking care of oneself. Our efforts on all of these fronts, especially cumulatively over the years, can have a substantial impact on our overall well-being. I try to eat “healthfully,” favoring organics wherever I can, but I no longer over-restrict myself as I used to with respect to calories and natural fats. For instance, I eat liberally the avocados that we grow on our ranch and try to use mostly the produce that we grow ourselves whenever possible. I am a believer in vitamin supplements, and I also include almonds, chia, and flax seed in my diet regularly to help moisturize from the inside out. I always feel that I am a work in progress!”



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