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This week’s muse is Jackie Berlowski, founder of, the inspirational online community supporting female entrepreneurs. Prior to launching GreatHerGood, which is when we became acquainted, she founded JackieDeals, which is a website offering a gallery of undiscovered products – all at insider prices – created by female founders. JackieDeals has since become a part of the larger GreatHerGood community. JackieDeals and GreatHerGood have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, on MSNBC, Lifetime Television and Savor Life Magazine.

If you’re a woman in business, it’s essential to support OTHER women in business.

Jackie’s first experience as a female entrepreneur involved – a leading a monthly subscription service which delivered customized feminine hygiene products along with various beauty items. BiziBubble was featured in OK! Magazine, Boca Magazine and on Lifetime Television.

With all she has accomplished so far, Jackie’s most rewarding job is being Mom to her hilarious four year old son, Tyler. She also has incredibly supportive and loving husband.

Here are Jackie’s beauty secrets:

  1. “I love to take care of my nails. I’ve always had weak nails and dry skin so when I found Nail Butter I felt like I hit the jackpot! I put it around my nails and cuticles twice a day. It softens my skin around my nails (and toes), and makes my nails grow healthier. It feels like I got a manicure every time I put it on!
    Nail Butter has been a complete life saver for me.
  2. I’m obsessed with Arya Essentials Intensive Eye Balm. As a busy mom, wife and GreatHerGood founder, it’s nice to have a product work its magic while I’m fast asleep. I apply this around my eyes each night, and wake up feeling less puffiness and more rejuvenated. I love how it lightens my (not so cute) under eye circles.
  3. I make sure to work out at least 5 days a week. Working out gives me tons of energy and provides precious solo time to brainstorm. Getting a good 30 minute workout first thing in the morning is essential for me.
  4. I’m picky when it comes to the perfect gloss and keep a steady rotation of the Modern Minerals Invigorating Lip Gloss in my purse. I bought 3 different colors because I can never choose one at a time. They make my lips feel smooth, slightly tingly and sweet.”


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