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Beauty Secrets: Chia Chia Sun

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Beauty Secrets: Chia Chia Sun

This week’s muse is Chia Chia Sun, the CEO of, a women’s health company that sells natural products for women 40+ in pharmacies such as CVS and Target. Chia Chia lives in Toronto with her partner, two teenaged daughters, a dog and two cats. She spends every day thinking about how to make women’s lives happier and healthier after age 40. She loves to cook, knit and travel. Wherever she travels, she can be found prowling local drugstores for research, cosmetics, and any new health gadgets she can find. I met Chia Chia (pronounced Cha Cha) recently at one of the salon-style gatherings shes becoming known for. She is a fascinating lady so I am excited to share her beauty secrets with you!

The idea that being healthy is beautiful is one that I really ascribe to for myself. I love products that make me feel healthy because they make me feel happy and beautiful inside and out.

Here are Chia Chia’s beauty secrets:

 1.     “I’m in the business of making products for myself and other women over 40, and I routinely use my own vaginal and labial moisturizers. Mae is a suppository and Cleo is a labial cream. Here’s a bit of a twist on using Cleo though – I use it as a face cream! It’s a fantastic general moisturizer too but is especially formulated for the labia. I call it “the lip balm for your other lips.”

2.     I have battered my feet for decades in high heels, which I still love and wear.  I’m an addict of toe spreaders, like Toe Pals, which can help with the “hammer toes” that we are more prone to as we age, especially if we cram our feet into tight, pointy heels. Toe spreaders really help, especially if you want to keep wearing heels until you’re 90, as I do!

3.     When I am being filmed, my go-to foundation is the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation, which has silicon particles that deflect the light. I can definitely notice the difference on film when I wear the Ultra HD versus when I don’t, so I have started carrying it to make-up sessions as not all make-up artists use it.

4.     For investor or corporate pitch meeting, my favorite outfit is a dress from M Missoni. I love their intarsia knits because they are colorful (but not too much so) and interesting. They also travel really well and don’t need pressing after being stuffed in a suitcase. I bought my last two dresses at crazy discounts on but be forewarned, I bought them in the first 5 minutes of the sale as they go very fast!

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