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So, what is “Beauty Secrets”? Beauty Secrets is where you can learn about the beauty-full inner workings of women who are moving and shaking in their world, whether it be beauty, personal finance or some territory in between.

Today’s muse is Celeste Hilling. I first met Celeste a few years ago through her amazing publicist, Debra Locker Griffin. She knew that Celeste and I would have an instant connection! How could a beauty junkie like me not love Celeste?  With more than two decades in beauty, she is a recognized media expert on the science of skin care and trends in technology. Based in Southern California, Celeste is also the Founder, CEO and product formulator for the awesome skincare brand, Skin Authority. Before her career in beauty, Hilling was one of the first female execs in Fortune 25 high-tech.

Here are Celeste’s beauty secrets:

  1. Our grandparents had rituals that, we now know, are based on proof.
    My grandmother used to put castor oil in her hair. When I was young, she would tell me to do the same. She didn’t know why the oil worked in her hair, but saw that it made her locks thicker and smoother. We now know castor oil contains many vitamins and proteins, including vitamin D, which is great for hair health and sheen. So, I put Skin Authority VitaD Topical Elixir in my hair daily.
  2. When you wash hair daily, it’s frizzier and harder to control. I wash mine once or twice a week; you want to leave some of the natural oil in your scalp and hair. And, because so many people wash their hair daily, they often try to replenish it with conditioners. Use Mother Nature’s conditioner instead!
  3. Double-clean your skin. I like to start with oil, followed by a second cleanser that leaves good probiotics on the skin. With the trend of make-up contouring, we tend to put a lot more cosmetics on, so it’s important to really cleanse.”
  4. In addition to lip color, I love to put human growth factors on my lips. As we age, our lips thin out. Growth factors, which occur naturally in the body, keep lips plump naturally. My favorite product containing human growth factors is Skin Authority Wrinkle Reversing Serum”.


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