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Beauty Secrets: Cara Di Falco

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Beauty Secrets: Cara Di Falco

This week’s muse is Cara Di Falco;  entrepreneur, home cook and broadcaster. Cara hosts her online cooking show “Cara’s Cucina” every Wednesday on YouTube, sharing family recipes with step-by-step videos. She is also a freelance reporter and can be found on TV and radio stations such as FOX5 in New York, 1010WINS and NJ 101.5 radio. When she’s not working she loves to spend time with family and friends enjoying a good meal.

I have naturally curly hair – and I love it!

Here are Cara’s beauty secrets:

  • Eat well: Typically this means being what my husband & I call “Monday through Friday vegetarians.” He’s Colombian and I’m Italian – so we’ll never be FULL vegetarian. But we try to get those veggies in during the week. I find when I eat this way I have more energy, better skin and it helps keep my tummy flat!


  • Drink water:  lots of it! I try to get in 5 tall glasses of water every day. This just makes everything work better. Skin, teeth, hair, nails, digestive system – all systems are a go when they’re well hydrated!


  • Do yoga: Yoga classes are expensive so I follow free videos from fellow YouTuber “Yoga with Adrienne”. Yoga helps me feel great in so many ways. From developing tone & lean muscles, to finding some peace of mind and even, when need be, letting go of something that’s bothering me. When I finish a yoga session I feel like I’ve done something for my mind, body and soul and am ready to tackle the day!



  • Hair: I’ve been using the Devachan method for over 10 years. Primarily this means no shampoo (literally, traditional shampoo has not touched my head in years). Wash with warm water, Devacurl No Poo and a good scrub with your fingers. Lots of conditioner Devacurl One Condition Delight and then scrunch in Devacurl Arc Angel Gel. I also use a white cotton t-shirt to dry my curls instead of a traditional terrycloth towel which can cause frizz. I set them with 2-pronged clips at the roots for extra volume.
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