Beauty Secrets – Amy Galper

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Beauty Secrets – Amy Galper

This week’s muse is Amy Galper, B.A., M.A., Dipl. AT, the pioneering educator behind the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, or NYIOA for short. Amy has been a Certified Aromatherapist for over a decade, as well as a passionate advocate, entrepreneur, formulator and consultant in organic beauty and wellness.

Amy and I met many years ago when she was running her brand Buddha Nose, a yoga-inspired line of body care products, and I was still with the beauty brand I co-founded, Three Custom Color Specialists. Today, Amy has an aromatherapy shop and school in the Lower East Side, is a frequent public speaker and guest lecturer and lends her expertise in natural ingredients and aromatherapy to beauty companies, like Credo Beauty.

To me, beauty is all about balance and stillness, listening, connecting and finding a bit of peace.

Here are Amy’s beauty secrets:

“I use essential oils every day. The aromas instantly center me and help me feel connected, strong, confident, and most importantly, they make me feel good. I use them in almost every product I put on my face and body, and these days, most of the products I’ve been making myself. My favorite are the face oils. The one I am using now has pomegranate seed oil, argan nut oil, jojoba, evening primrose oil, carrot seed oil and a little red raspberry seed oil. I add to that mixture the essential oils of helichrysum, frankincense and cape chamomile. I use it every day, before bed and before going out to face my day, and as a result, it forces me to take a quiet minute to sit and massage my face and take a few deep breaths.

A friend turned me on to LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt, which is 100% Organic Vitellaria Nilotica Fruit Butter. I’ve been using it on my neck and upper chest area where I have sun damage. It’s amazing – it feels like the softest hugs repairing and restoring me.

I also love oiling up my legs with Tony and Tina Coconut Bliss.

The other things I do to feel beautiful are drinking coconut water, drinking lemon water and making tea, which I love to do. It makes me slow down, practice patience, and keeps me grounded. In addition to being a quiet practice that allows for stillness, tea also help me connect to others when we share and make it together, sit and drink together.

I love aromatic or salt baths. They are so important for detoxing the day, both energetically and physically. Furthermore, baths even out the skin and soothes soreness. After an intense New York day, there is nothing like the sanctuary of the bathtub, to be alone, surrounded by the aromas of the oils mixed with salts. This practice lightens the load of my day and allows my mind to relax and free associate and be creative. And I know it’s taking care of my skin and my body as a result.

Regular body work is also important. I just recently went to the Naturapathica Spa in Chelsea…it was amazing! Another favorite is Soho Sanctuary because they have a steam room. Steam rooms make me feel strong, centered and deeply cleansed.”


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