Beauty Secrets: Alison Morris

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Beauty Secrets:  Alison Morris

This weeks’ beauty muse is Alison Morris, Business Reporter at Fox 5 in NYC. This sharp-as-a-tack sprite with the platinum punk hair covers everything from the next great startup to major market moves. She especially loves reporting on women who are changing the way we do business and cracking the glass ceiling. Born in NY, but French on the maternal side, she’s what the French call a Moité-Moitié – half French-half American – and approaches most things in life with a half New York and half Parisian perspective.

“Three golden rules that have changed my life and skin: Get 8 hours of sleep a night, always remove makeup before working out or going to bed, and start/end the day by moisturizing your face! My French grandmother always said to be sure to massage the face cream up and out!”

Here are Alison’s beauty secrets:

  1. “I’m a big marathon runner and the product I can’t live without lately, I discovered at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo of all places. It’s called Hawaiian Moon Aloe and I swear it works miracles. I don’t usually fall for infomercial like sales pitches. However, somehow when the lady at the Hawaiian Moon booth was rubbing this aloe into my hand, I believed her when she said it healed her contact dermatitis scars, and bought it. It’s amazing. I was suffering from a serious dry skin/allergic reaction on my eyelids for months, and it cleared up after just  a few days of using this aloe. It also got rid of sun spots that I’ve had on my face for years. They say you can layer it under your makeup, but I find that it peels/can feel tight so I only use it at night. It contains 100% organic aloe vera and I use it whenever my skin is dry or unhappy!
  1. The best beauty trick I’ve picked up from the tv business here in NYC? Fake eyelashes. When I first came here I hated them. They were tough to put on, the glue made a mess, and I felt like Tammy Faye Bakker wearing them. But I spent a Saturday morning practicing, and my false lashes are now my beauty best friends. Fake eyelashes are the easiest way to wake up your face and really make your eyes pop whether you’re on camera or just going out on the weekends. I like Red Cherry #43. Here’s how I do it:
    1. I line my eyes with Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
    2. Curl my own lashes and apply mascara
    3. Drop in the fake lashes
    4. Go over the lashline with the liner again once the glue has dried. (Be sure to let the glue set on the fake lashes for a minute or they’ll slide all over the place when you try to put them on.)
    5. And spend a little time practicing in the mirror before you take this look out of the house.

Once you get the hang of it, they’re as easy as putting on mascara. If you take good care of them you can peel off the glue and get a week of wear out of each pair.

  1. For hair, I’m obsessed with three products: Bumble & Bumble Bb. Texture Hair(un)dressing cream (I use a pea sized amount and rub into my roots while damp for great volume), Living proof style | lab prime style extender cream (a great all-purpose hair product. I use a pea sized amount in my hair daily before blow drying). My final favorite is Living proof flex shaping hairspray. Use a little after styling your hair and you barely know it’s there, but your hair holds and fights humidity. Use a lot and it’s going nowhere!
  1. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend a lot to take good care of your face. I have dry skin that occasionally breaks out around my hair/jawline from too much product. My go to face products are from Glossier. Their Milky Jelly Cleanser is gentle like Cetaphil but with an elegant rose fragrance, their Priming Moisturizer is a great everyday cream and their Priming Moisturizer Rich is great as a night cream or during the winter.


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