Craigslist is packed with the best deals – usually. However, there are certainly some things to never buy secondhand. #craigslist #buyandsell #whatnottobuy

6 Home Items to Never, Ever Get on Craigslist

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By Margaret Heidenry 

Who doesn’t love Craigslist?! The site has made—or saved—savvy shoppers countless dollars. But for all the good this online trading post provides, there are some Craigslist no-nos. Big ones. Here are the dangers and downsides of some Craigslist finds for your home—and the reasons why you’ll want to stay far, far away.


1. Computers or smart home equipment

Jason Glassberg, co-founder of the ethical hacking and cybersecurity firm Casaba Security, advises against buying preowned computing devices (laptops and tablets) or any smart home devices (e.g., thermostats) that can connect to the web.


5. Anything safety-oriented for children

See great kid’s toys or clothes on Craigslist? Go for it. But buying second-hand car seats and cribs on Craigslist is a huge risk, says Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert and TV commentator.

With car seats, even if they look brand-new outside, the internal structure could be compromised by a prior accident and therefore be less safe. Car seats also deteriorate over time, and the padding loses its ability to protect a child.

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6. Furry friends

When I found a kitten on the street, I posted a “Lost Cat” listing on Craigslist. I didn’t find the cat’s owner, but I did get a flurry of emails from cat-flippers. These are people who claim lost pets in order to resell them on Craigslist.

Other unsavory characters, like those who run puppy mills, use marketplaces like Craigslist to traffic all kinds of animals, sometimes as part of larger criminal enterprises, says Natasha Mehra, product development manager of, an online community of buyers and sellers of secondhand goods and local services.

A better idea is to find a pet through a vetted organization such as a nonprofit or a no-kill animal rescue organization like the ASPCA.

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Craigslist is packed with the best deals – usually. However, there are certainly some things to never buy secondhand. #craigslist #buyandsell #whatnottobuy

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