5 Things I’m Loving Right Now in Health & Wellness

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It’s hard enough to feel good and stay well, never mind a global Pandemic! I love to exercise and I very rarely get sick, so I thought I’d share a few things that I rely on to stay healthy and feel energized, and remedies for when I have an injury. 

Core Plant-Based Superior Nutrition Bars

These organic protein bars were a lifesaver when I was in the heat of my busy season right before the holidays. They were a great grab-and-go breakfast for me and my high school-aged daughter, or a handy lunch substitute for several days when I was working out of a friend’s spare room because my wi-fi was out. They are high in protein and fiber, have no sugar, and have plenty of prebiotics and probiotics for gut health.  They have several flavors, including Dark Chocolate Cherry, Peanut Butter Crunch, and Coconut Chocolate. If you like to mix things up, try the variety pack. Also, if you don’t require a full meal replacement bar, try the Kind Breakfast Bars, which are less expensive and also come in a variety pack.   


Nature’s Bounty Immune Jelly Beans

I love keeping these yummy jelly beans by my desk. They satisfy my mid-afternoon sweets craving, but more importantly, they provide essential vitamins for a healthy immune system, which is more important than ever these days.  They contain Vitamins C, D, and Zinc in a gelatin-free, vegetarian formula with naturally sourced colors, and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Nature’s Bounty also has a jelly bean multi vitamins for kids, for adults, for sleep, energy and more.  


Auvon Dual Channel TENS Muscle Stimulating Machine

If you’re not familiar with Tens devices, they provide electro currents to your muscles, which can be therapeutic if you are experiencing discomfort.  I always assumed that Tens machines were one of those things you could only have access to during a physical therapy sesh, so I was happy to discover that you can buy one of your very own on Amazon for under $40!  This Tens device is easy to operate and comes with a USB-C charging cable, a long-lasting battery, lots of pads, and a belt clip. I have periodic back pain, so I am so glad to have a Tens device on hand! 


KT TAPE Recovery+ Compression Pad Therapy System

This dual heat and cold pack system is good to have in the house for injuries and sore muscles. It’s adjustable, so you can use it to wrap an ankle, shoulder, back, etc. I love that it holds the heat or cold pack in place so you can move around while you’re receiving the benefits. This is another favorite when my back is acting up!


Womaness Me.No.Pause supplements

And ladies, if you’re struggling with all the crazy side effects of perimenopause or menopause, this supplement might bring you some sweet relief. It’s hormone-free,clinically tested, and doctor-approved to tackle everything from hot flashes, to libido, memory, and mood issues, using pycnogenol (pine bark), bacongnize (from the waterhyssop plant), and ashwagandha extract, which is a powerful adaptogen. It’s helped me a lot and I hope it will help you, too!


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