The Coolest & Cutest Stocking Stuffers Under $15

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When it comes to stocking stuffers, don’t settle for a bunch of junk from the dollar bin. It’s better to stuff each sock with a handful of carefully selected items that everyone will love. With that in mind, here are the stocking stuffer ideas I’m loving this season.

For Adults

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder ($10 at Amazon)

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If you have any DIYers on your list, they’ll love this silicone nail polish holder that helps to avoid spills, but keeps the polish chose at hand. Available in several colors.


Burt’s Bees Essential Gift Set ($10 at Amazon)

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Ideal for men and women, this set of mini beauty goodies is perfect for their travel kit, purse or glove compartment.

Mastrad Folding Hexagonal Trivet ($8 at Amazon) 

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Trivets always come in handy, and this heat-resistant silicone one folds up so small that it’s perfect for the space-challenged chef.

Feetures High Performance Socks ($13 at Amazon) 

Feetures High Performance SocksYeah, I know…socks don’t seem that exciting, but these sock are! The combination of fit, compression, comfort, wicking and lots of fun colors (plus black and white for the conservative) will make them the sock of choice for your favorite athlete.


Kassa Clear Dry Erase Board Sticker ($13 at Amazon)

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An unobtrusive way to stay organized, this clear “whiteboard” sticks to most surfaces.  3 dry erase markers are included.


Bear Paws Meat Shredders ($13 at Amazon)

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Any carnivorous home cook needs a pair of these! The best way to shred cooked meats.


Travelrest Tranquility Sleep Mask Kit ($10 at Amazon) 

Travelrest Tranquility Sleep Mask Kit

Know someone who likes to sleep until noon on the weekend? This kit comes with moldable earplugs and a sleep mask that blocks light entirely without any uncomfortable pressure on the eyes.


Bekith Set of 6 Foldable Reusable Grocery Bags ($14 at Amazon)

stocking stuffers

I carry one or two of these bags with me everywhere and I always find a reason to use them! Whether you keep them at the bottom of your briefcase or the trunk of your car, they will come in handy.


For kids

Nutty Toys Super Slow Rising Scented Jumbo Unicorn Squishy ($14 at Amazon)


stocking stuffers

Kids love slow-rising squishies and they won’t be able to resist this adorable unicorn.

Educational Insights Kanoodle ($13 at Amazon)

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This challenging, thinking game will keep them (and you) entertained for hours.


Jofan 6-Pack Wooden Percussion Egg Shakers ($10 on Amazon)

stocking stuffers

Great for breaking up amongst several kids, this shakers will get the party started!


Ultra Glow-in-the-Dark Stars ($15 at Amazon)

stocking stuffers

Remember these? Glow-in-the-dark stars never lose their charm.

Jofan 5-Pack Dinosaur Building Blocks Eggs & Action Figures ($13 at Amazon)

stocking stuffer

These adorable eggs hold the puzzle pieces for building a tiny dinosaur! They come 5 in a pack; a great option for multi-kid gifting.

SoapSox  ($12 at Amazon) 

stocking stuffers

Bathtime is so much fun with these sudsy toy sponges. Add soap to the pocket, and kids will have a blast getting clean. Characters range from a hippo to a dragon, and they are all adorable.


Hog Wild Popper ($12 at Amazon)

stocking stuffers

You simply cannot stop popping this magical popper! Available in this cute pickle and several fun animals.


Knock Knock On-the-Go Game Pad 2 ($10 at Amazon) 

stocking stuffersA must for long car rides or flights, this pad contains multiple pages of five different games, including hangman and tic-tac-toe. Consider this a nice screen-free option to keep kids entertained.


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Finding the best stocking stuffers for kids, teens and adults can be tricky. Lucky for you, I've rounded up the best budget stocking stuffers under $15 for Christmas 2018. #stockingstuffer #bestgifts #giftguide #Christmas2018


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