Now that summer is in full swing, the air conditioners are in overdrive, which can result in a hefty electric bill. Here are four summer hacks to keep your home cool.


Sun Block

It’s so nice when the sun is streaming in the windows, but that beautiful sunlight brings heat into your home. Get in the habit opening the curtains and blinds open when you’re in a room, but closing them when you leave to keep the room temperature low.


Become a Fan of Fans

Don’t think of a ceiling fan as a sorry replacement for an air conditioner, they can be money-savers! Run your fans counterclockwise in the summer to push the cool air down and keep rooms several degrees cooler.


No Dryer in the Daytime

Avoid using heat-generating appliances, like the clothes dryer, oven or dishwasher during the day when temperatures are at their warmest. Instead, wait until the evening or use an alternate method, like line drying, using the stovetop or hand washing.


Air Tight

If your home is drafty, you may be losing precious cool air causing your air conditioners to work harder than they should. Search your home for spots where air might be escaping – like under doors and around windows – and seal them.


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