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Living greener can be intimidating, but it can be achieved with small day-to-day tweaks. These brands will help to reduce our carbon footprint including making the transition to eco-friendly brands, going refillable, and reducing how much you throw away.  


I believe that small shifts can really move the needle over time, so when you’re ready to replace something, go green! For instance, if you need a new mattress, shop with a company like My Green Mattress, which checks all the boxes for me – it’s made at a family-owned, certified organic factory in Chicago.

The mattresses are hypoallergenic, made from certified organic cotton, wool, and Dunlop latex. The company also offers organic accessories to assist with healthy sleep including waterproof organic cotton mattress protectors and silky 600-thread counts organic cotton sheet sets. Customers can save 15% on certified organic mattresses—twin size and larger—with code: EARTH15.  

Beauty Products

2.7 billion plastic bottles of solely bathroom waste hit landfills every year, so the beauty products you use are a great way to live greener. I recommend looking for brands that have eco-friendly ingredients AND packaging. A good example is Life Elements. The Face Collection is one of the most sustainable skincare lines on the market. They have two water-free (to reduce water waste), high-quality, earth-derived formulas without preservatives, and their products are refillable!   

I also like the Each & Every Deodorants, which use natural ingredients and 100% plant-based sugarcane packaging – it’s apparently the only natural deodorant to have carbon-negative packaging. They are verified by the Environmental Working Group and will be raising funds for the EWG this month.  

Household Products

From ingredients to packaging, we can definitely do better than those familiar bottles we see on the grocery store shelves. Grove Collaborative is a great site with countless eco-friendly alternatives, including the Grove cleaner concentrates and hand and dish soaps, which are high performing, free of harsh chemicals, and use 100% natural fragrances. The reusable glass bottles are $14.95 and the refills are $6.95 and $4.95, respectively. 

Grove Collaborative is committed to being 100% plastic-free by 2025. Their cleaner concentrates – you add water to activate – have prevented 963,000 lbs of plastic from entering landfills since the launch of the product, and their soap refills – which are recyclable aluminum – have prevented 257,000 lbs of plastic from landfills since their launch.


Denim is one of the most problematic areas with 2mm tons of chemicals and more than 2,600 liters of water used to make jeans alone every year. Fashion brand Liverpool has introduced a sustainable denim collection that uses a fraction of the natural resources than is typical. They use eco-friendly elements, including certified denim that is aniline-free and recyclable with zero water impact. Buttons and zippers are free of chemicals, tags are made from recycled materials, are harmful pumice-stone-free, and organic compounds are used to break down and soften their denim. 

Vionic is another brand that is making environmental moves. They have eco-friendly styles for the coming seasons, like this Stinson Sneaker which is vegan certified and made with earth-friendly washable materials, like recycled, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certified fabrics.

In general, look for brands who are doing it right, like Liverpool and Vionic. Also, avoid fast/disposable fashion and invest in high-quality pieces in classic silhouettes that you can wear for years. Consigning unwanted clothes and shopping for secondhand clothes is another way to reduce waste in fashion. 

Also, try to throw fewer things away, i.e. use reusable baggies and plastic wraps, buy refillable products. When cooking, make stock out of food scraps, compost your foods to use in your garden, buy fewer pre-packaged foods…once you get into the frame of mind of throwing less out, it becomes second nature. Also, remember to recycle! 

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From household cleaners to fashion brands, these products will help you go green this Earth Day!

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