7 Secrets of Hair Pros to Keep Hair Selfie-Ready

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With the ubiquitous selfie comes the need for every day to be a good hair day. Beauty experts share their favorite tips for keeping their hair looking selfie-worthy. Because after all, if you don’t take a selfie, did it really happen?

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The shinier your hair, the better the shot. Celebrity hairstylist, Johnny Lavoy—Miranda Lambert’s “mane man”—recommends a final cold rinse after washing your hair. “Doing this allows the hair to reflect more light, resulting in shiny hair,” he said. He also recommends drying with an ionic dryer, like the PRO Beauty Tools 1875 Watt Ionic Dryer, which also has a cold shot button (a more comfortable option than the cold rinse!) “Ionic technology is great for fighting frizz, static and results in a shinier blowout,” he added.

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